Lost hikers body recovered from Cradle Mountain

It was reported today that the body of the lost hiker Kasper Kataoka Sorensen has been recovered from Cradle Mountain.

A fine looking young man
There have been many views on this blog searching for information about Kasper. To all of you who land here trying to get information, please accept our condolences. If it is any consulation to you, he was walking in a wonderful place, in a fantastic part of the world,doing what he loved. The Cradle Mountain area can be a very tough and unforgiving place. Several people have died in that area over the years, unfortunately Kasper has been added to that list. I hope now his body can be returned home you can all feel some closure.

The following is taken from the Hobart Mercury website.

THE body of a missing Danish tourist was recovered from Cradle Mountain yesterday almost six weeks after he was reported missing.Kasper Kataoka Sorensen, 21, is believed to have fallen from the top of Cradle Mountain in poor weather. Mr Sorensen's body was yesterday flown to Hobart and taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital mortuary.

Insp Brian Edmonds, who had been leading the search, said Mr Sorensen's family in Denmark had been notified through the Danish consulate. Mr Sorensen was last seen on the summit of Cradle Mountain on July 5, his birthday. Bushwalkers first reported Mr Sorensen's abandoned backpack -- containing camping gear, a tent and his passport -- at the mountain's summit on July 10, but it was not retrieved by Parks and Wildlife staff until five days later when a police search for the missing man began.

The search was aborted several times because of dangerous weather conditions. Mr Sorensen's body was found by a helicopter observer crew 12 days ago at the bottom of a cliff metres from where he was last seen, but heavy snowfalls and high winds stopped police recovering it. Insp Edmonds said Mr Sorensen's body was recovered from Cradle Mountain at 12.30pm yesterday. "The operation required winching a party onto an icy ledge 100 metres below the summit," he said. "A large amount of snow and ice was moved in order to secure the body in a stretcher before winching it back into he Westpac Rescue Helicopter."

Insp Edmonds said although there was a substantial amount of snow and ice on the mountain, the successful recovery had been conducted in fine weather with minimal cloud and light winds. "Weather in the Cradle Mountain area over the past weeks has hampered both the search and then the recovery operation," Insp Edmonds said. "After considering the options and assessing the risks it was decided to wait until the weather allowed for the safer helicopter rescue."

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