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There are over 100 posts on "Our Hiking Blog". They cover a huge range of hiking and bushwalking topics. Sometimes it can be difficult to find all the information you are looking for easily so we have created a summary page of all the great topics within the blog to make searching them easier.

Check out some of the older posts and hidden jewels within the blog, we are sure you will have a bit of fun.

The Overland Track e-Book

· Hiking the Overland Track – the book

· Overland Track book reviews

· The Overland Track – e-Book pre release notes

Trips – reports, notes, pictures


The Overland Track – walking and planning

· The Overland Track – what scenery – Frank hikes with an American (in the rain)

· Hiking the Overland Track – a view from the States

· The Overland Track solo – Sue’s trip report

· The Overland Track – Track Images

· Overland Track pictures

· The Overland Track – Planning the walk from overseas

The Overland Track – Hut by Hut

· Ronney Creek to Waterfall Valley

· Waterfall Valley to Windemere

· Windemere to Pelion Hut

· Pelion to Kia Ora

· Kia Ora to Windy Ridge Hut

· Windy Ridge (Bert Nicols) to Echo Point

· Echo Point to Cynthia Bay

Cradle Mountain – Walls of Jerusalem National Park

· Walls of Jerusalem to Overland Track – December 08

· Cradle Mountain local walk – Scott Kilvett Hut and Cradle Mountain Lodge

· Walls of Jerusalem - video

· Walls of Jerusalem – a short break in paradise

· Platypus on Cradle Mountain Plateau

Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track via the Never Never

· Living on the Edge – or was it cold? Pictures of Walls of Jerusalem to Overland Track via the Never Never

· Launceston to Dixon Kingdom Hut – Walls of Jerusalem – Winter

· Walls of Jerusalem – Mt Jerusalem – Winter

· Dixon Kingdom Hut to Meston Hut – Winter

· Meston Hut to Kia Ora Hut – via the Never Never – Winter

· Kia Ora Hut to Pelion Hut – Winter

· Pelion Hut to Windemere Hut – Winter

· Windemere Hut to Cradle Mountain Lodge - Winter

The South Coast Track

· South Coast Track Tasmania

· South Coast Track - Point Eric to Louisa River

· South Coast Track - Louisa River to Deadmans Bay

· South Coast Track - Deadmans Bay to New River Lagoon

· South Coast Track -New River Lagoon - Surprise Bay

· South Coast Track - Surprise Bay to South Cape Rivulet

· South Coast Track – South Coast Rivulet to Cockle Creek


· Wilmont – Frankland Range Trip report – guest post by Grant

· Frenchman’s Cap and the Irenabyss – trip report

· Port Davey Track – Trip Report

Other Australia

Great Ocean Walk

Trip Report

· Great Ocean Walk - the start

· Marengo to Blanket Bay

· Blanket Bay to Cape Otway Lightstation

· Cape Otway Lightstation to Aire River

· Aire River to Joanna

· Joanna to Ryans Den

· Ryans Den to Devils Kitchen

· Devils Kitchen to The Gables

General Information

· Water on the Great Ocean Walk

· Cape Otway Lighthouse – discount entry for GOW walkers

· Blanket Bay base camping

· Blanket Bay shelter and wildlife

· Great Ocean Walk – trip report

· GOW – Should I wear gaiters?


· The Fortress and Billywing – Southern Grampians

· Mt Howitt and the Cross Cut Saw – to Mt Speculation – Australian Alps

· Bogong High Plains and Australian Alps Walking Track

· Lake Elizabeth – Otway National Park - bonus platypus


Hinchinbrook Island – Thorsborne Trail

· Thorsborne Trail – Hinchinbrook Island - prelude

· Thorsborne Trail – Hinchinbrook Island – Planning the hike

· Thorsborne Trail - Planning the walk

· Thorsborne Trail - George Point to Sunken Island Reef

· Thorsborne Trail - Sunken Island Reef - Zoe Bay

· Thorsborne Trail - Zoe Bay to Little Ramsay Bay

· Thorsborne Trail - Little Ramsay Bay - Nina Bay

· Thorsborne Trail - Nina Bay - Ferry


· Routeburn Track – New Zealand – Is it worth the cost?


· Scroggin – hiking snacks

· Vegetarian Hiking Food ideas

· More vegetarian hiking food ideas

· Dehydrating Spaghetti

· Menu for a nine day hiking trip

· Drying a curry

· Food preparation for the Overland Track

· Food preparation for the Overland Track – Lunch & Dinner

· Food, glorious hiking food


· GPS Waypoints Overland Track, Thorsborne Trail, Great Ocean Walk and more

· GPS, which one for hiking?


· Gear ideas for a Tasmanian Wilderness hike

· Couple Hiking – Gear ideas to get off on the right foot together

· Starting off Hiking – John Chapman’s Gear advice

· Hiking Gear – What are the basics to get started?

· Hiking Gear – the basics

Feet and boots

· Hiking boot – near disaster story

· Blisters? Not this time, Sue tries Injinji socks

· Blisters? Sore feet? These socks really work – Sue reports on Injinji toe socks

· Injinji Socks and Toe Blisters – an independent review

· Is the GORE-TEX waterproof guarantee real? We test it out


· Best hiking clothes for a multi day hike - including pictures

· Gear Test – Women’s jackets


· Best Hiking Backpack – the One Planet Strezlecki looks the goods

· 5 features I don’t want in a new hiking backpack


· Hiking Tents – how to chose

· Which one person hiking tent? A suggestion

· How to turn a tarp into a tent

· Turning a trap into a tent - more information

Other Gear

· Ultra light D ring for your pack

· Gas bottles or fuel for Tasmanian Hiking – How to source it

Posts on various topics

· The Rivers Run Free – (saving the Franklin River) book review

· Winter in Tasmania – Snow on the Arm River and Overland Track

· Cradle Mountain Shuttle bus – open all year

· Yabbie Straw – Emergency water when hiking in Tasmania

· Water, can you drink it in Tasmania’s National Parks?

· Spirituality of bushwalking – one man’s reflections

· Lightweight camping, we think not, Our Hiking Blog go camping

· Tiger Snake meets a frog, no conversation just a quick nibble – great video

· Tiger Snake meets a frog – Part 2

· 7 tips to make a good hiking trip great

· "Sex in a tent, a wild couples guide to getting naughty in nature” - interview with the author

· Bob Brown – Tasmanian Greens Senator - video

· Joining the Greens – putting our votes where our mouths are!

· Snakes in Tasmania

· Wollangarra - floods

· Mountain Bothies – a UK hiking hut?


luismi said...

Nice blog.
Regards from Baske country (Spain)


Tinkerbell said...

Hello there, great blog! if you or any of your readers are interested, I started a new blog with entries from summit registries. There are some very entertaining, interesting and educational entries!! Especially for those who enjoy hiking! Check it out if you have a moment:


madafan said...

Hi 31DBBB fellow blogger. You've got such an impressive hiking-related articles on this blog.A lot of inspiration to give to all wanna-be/confirmed hikers that may also come to Madagascar :-)
BTW, I don't find your blog name weird: it's very self-explanatory

Frank and Sue said...

Thanks very much madafan - is there much hiking in Madagascar? I am sure some of the topics we have blogged about here would help plan and hike , any where!

Hi luismi - Are you coming to Australia?

Tinkerbell- great blog - it reminds me a bit of Postsecret: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ - have you seen it?
Sue is not big on heights - I did a post about Bathmophobia you may enjoy http://tiny.cc/USCDG