Lake Elizabeth - Otway National Park

A warm up walk for the Overland Track AND we see a Platypus!

A few of us went to Lake Elizabeth, near Forrest, for a warm up walk in preparation for the Overland Track in Tasmania in 10 days (yippee!!!) We walked a route that Colin and I had done late last year , with the plan to do about 15km. It was great walking except the track was often really greasy and a couple of us (me being one of them) fell. This broke my well loved and used walking pole :-( so off to David at Mountain Designs for a newy next week. The highlight of the trip was seeing a platypus on a little beach on the south side of Lake Elizabeth. We had decided to stop there for a break and were just chatting , waiting for a couple of stragglers to arrive and when I spied the platypus feeding right on the edge of the lake , burrowing its bill frantically into the edge in about 4 inches of water.

It was fantastic and just ignored us and fed for about 10 minutes. The next morning I told the Parks Ranger about it and he said he had not seen one there for 4-5 years.....made us feel very honoured that this great little creature chose to appear while we were there.

We had a very pleasant evening around the fire and then slept pretty well following a big day up and down those Otway hills and a couple of , yes to use the old term, well earned drinks.

A great short break and warm up for the main event in February.

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macca said...

great stuff. I think you are officially the only person I know who has seen a platypus in the wild.

It looks pretty big as well (at least, bigger than I thought they were).