Hinchinbrook Island - Thorsborne Trail - Day 4

Leg: Little Ramsay Bay to Nina Bay
Distance: 3.6 km
Maximum Elevation: 74m
Time taken: 1-2 hrs

Today was almost a rest day as we only had to cover a short distance. It was up late, a wander on the beach and then we packed up and were away by 1030. The travelling was relatively easy to Nina as all our packs were getting light. Vinnie had almost run out of the type of food he liked, so he has having to make hard decisions about what he would and would not eat. Below is the campsite at Nina where we camped under a HUGE tree, again right on the beach.

Beach cricket was enjoyed in the afternoon using a coconut and a palm frond as a bat. We also had several games of bocce using the plentiful empty coconut shells. It was great to have arrived early and to have the whole afternoon to enjoy the beach and the fantastic scenery.
It was a late night for the Hiking Bloggers as we tried to listen to the Geelong / Collingwood preliminary final. We had taken a small radio and speakers just for this momentus occasion. Unfortunately the reception was awful and we only heard one minute in ten of the broadcast, the tension was huge as the game was very close and we paced up and down Nina Bay with the radio held in the air trying to pick up a Sydney radio station!! We finally heard the result 10 minutes after the game had finished and going to bed that night, knowing Geelong would be in the Grand Final the following Saturday, topped off our last night on the island. Go Cats!

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