Hinchinbrook Island - Thorsborne Trail - Day 1

Leg: George Point to Sunken Island Reef
Distance: 9.5 km
Maximum Elevation: 120 metres

Following a very early start we were all keen to get on the Thorsborne Trail and start the walk. The group comprised 3 experienced walkers, one who had walked a "few" years ago, a 16yo with 2 walks under his belt and Vinnie, a 10 year old with too much ENERGY and too light a pack.

The picture below is of us landing at Picnic Beach , George Point.

The first section is beach walking and an easy stroll. The weather was excellent and we found it quite hot and sweaty work.

The track heads along Mulligan Bay until about 300 metres from the end. The turn off to Mulligan Falls is clearly marked. There are a couple of small river crossings on the beach that required boots off to cross. The Trail then continues through a section of light rainforest, with a steady climb at the end, to Mulligan Falls campsite. This is a very open area with a lot of campsites. It is in the "bush" with the great advantage of being right next to the Falls. We were blown away by the swimming hole and all had a swim before lunch. This was the best swimming hole we had EVER swum in and the water was cool enough to refresh us and incredibly clear and pristine, great swimming!

From here we had decided to push on to Sunken Island Reef campsite. This was because we had heard the rat's were particularly annoying at Mulligan Falls and we had plenty of time in the day to get some more km's under our belts. There was another small swimming hole on the way and we all stopped again for a swim as it was quite warm (around 30 degrees C) and the water was just great!

The picture below is looking back towards Mulligan Bay from the climb up to Mulligan Falls

Sunken Island Reef campsite is not the best area on the walk. It is quite a steep "down" to get to the beach from the main track (30 minutes) The track is un-formed and very slippery at times due to loose rock and steep sections. The camp site has a lot of rubbish (either through rubbish being washed up on the beach or junk left around by previous walkers or kayakers)

The water supply, while we were there, was also poor and required a long walk to the end of the beach and then a rocky walk 100 m upstream to get sufficient flow to fill our water containers safely. I am sure following good rain this would improve.

All that being said, the views were great, the beach excellent for a stroll or swim and we did not see or hear any rats.

The picture below is Clare and Sue having an evening stroll along the beach

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