Thorsborne Trail - Hinchinbrook Island

Just arrived back in Cairns after completing the Thorsborne Trail. Have decided to post a few pictures of this beautiful place. Words and more editing to follow!!
The Start

View from Clare and Tom's tent first morning

Zoe Falls - top with Zoe Bay in distance

Zoe Falls - swimming pool at base

Local wildlife

Nina Bay - late afternoon

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Anonymous said...

Water looks nice, must get up there myself one day, Cheers Dave

Rick McCharles said...

I'm convinced.

Next time to Aussie I will get there.

Will post a link to your trip report once you finish the editing.

Tim said...

Hi Frank,

Good blog- Thanks.

I am planning to do the Thorsborne pretty soon. My wife and I are reasonably experienced hikers and reasonably fit - do we need to allow for three nights, or would two be comfortable enough to complete it?

Would love your advice.
Cheers, Tim

Frank and Sue said...

Hi Tim,
Welcome to the blog . We did this walk in 4 nights and I suppose it depends on your approach. I really reckon you would be pushing it in 2 so would allow three BUT it is such a beautiful place why not take your time and have a swim (or three) and enjoy yourselves.

The sandflies and march flies are the most painful part so make sure you take some DEET.

Hope you have a great time and please let us know how you go.

Tim said...

Hey Frank,
Thanks for that. I have taken your advice and we'll stay the extra one (or two) nights on the trail.
Originally I was trying to get on there for my wifes birthday as a surprise, but QPWS only had the 2 nights available at that time.
I have now postponed it a month and will enjoy a more leisurely walk with her.
Thanks again.