Day 5 - Overland Track Kia Ora Hut to Pelion Hut Tasmania

We love the Kia Ora Hut area. There is a great hut and plenty of tent platforms to enjoy the fantastic view of Cathedral Mountain. A highlight is the swimming hole just 50 metres from the hut and we have always enjoyed either a swim or a refreshing wash in this beautiful river. July is NOT the time to partake in any form of naked ablutions in Tasmania so we all passed on the swim or wash this time. The river was flowing at a great rate and not only would it have been almost instant hypothermia if we had plunged in, we would also probably been swept away, and discovered months later, trapped in some submerged branches.

We both had a great nights sleep in out little tent and it was enjoyable to wake up and have a cuddle (yes, just a cuddle, see lack of ablutions note above) and chat in our little waterproof cocoon. It had rained overnight and the air was fresh and chilly. We took out time getting organised as we knew it was to be a short day. We did not head off to Pelion until about 11am.

Our Storm Shelter 2 tent on the platform behind Kia Ora Hut

The walking was quite easy and we just took our time as we wandered to Mt Ossa turnoff. We stopped at the platform and had a short discussion about Clare and Frank climbing Mt Ossa but (luckily for me) Ossa was covered in cloud intermittently so it was decided it would be a waste of time.

The Track up to the Ossa turnoff

We would not get to see any of the spectacular views IF we reached the peak. (see posts about lost hiker on Cradle Mountain!!)

The walking was relatively easy but at times we had quite slippery spots with ice and snow. You had to be careful. Note our Yowie's, brought in case of a big dump of snow (which happened 7 days later when we were home)

The track continued with a generally descending route towards Pelion Hut. This is a beautiful, spectacular, pretty and GREEN part of the track. Why you ask, because it traverses through old forest, there are heaps of moss covered trees and logs and many streams. It is real Hobbit land. We love it.

By the time we arrived at Pelion Hut, Colin and Simmo had selected a room and were cooking up a brew. We settled in like we were staying at the Hilton. In winter the "living" area is divided off by a roller door and this makes for a nice cosy area where the gas heater kept us warm and delightfully comfortable. We were also able to get our socks and boots in nice and close with dreams of dry feet on the morrow.

Inside Pelion Hut. There were only 10 of us there. We had been there with 120+ people in and around the hut. Not fun.

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