Day 6 - Pelion Hut to Windemere Hut - Overland Track Tasmania

There was some discussion that I had snored enough to drive Clare onto the front veranda of Pelion Hut that night. Well she was there in the morning, and we woke her up to get her day started...Sue assures me it did not originate from me as she would have hit me all night!

Being back on the Overland Track was like getting into your own bed after being away on holidays for a while, comfortable, relaxing and secure. The other great advantage at this time of the year was the lack of other walkers and we would enjoy several hours without seeing any other parties. In February, while we were here, it would be rare for 30 minutes to pass without seeing other walkers.
After leaving Pelion Hut we worked our way down hill to Frog Flats. The walking in this area is mainly euculyptus bush and not too difficult, just a lot of exposed roots and the odd boggy section. We stopped at Frog Flats for lunch expecting it to be half under water but we found our usual knoll dry and leech free.
Below, the profile from our GPS for this day, Frog Flats is the lowest point
Just after lunch we reached "Clare's NO DAM'S tree" . When we did this walk in late 2001 this beautiful tree had a "No Dams" symbol attached to it and we took a great photo of her as an 17yo "tree hugger" . The symbol had been subsequently removed but we still got Clare , 6 years later, to repeat the shot. It reminded Sue and I of our time in Strahan, in South West Tasmania in the early 1980's when we were spat on and not served in shops because we wore "No Dams" badges.......It is very interesting to revisit Strahan and see what a boom town it is now with tourism the mainstay of the economy.

Clare hugging the "No Dam's" Tree - Frog Flats

Check out this link if you want to read a great story of good over evil!!! The Wilderness Society - Franklin/Gordon River campaign

It was fun to walk in the opposite direction than is normally undertaken on the Overland Track. This made for some great scenery and spactacular views of Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain in the distance, slowly getting closer.

Barn Bluff before Windemere Hut

We arrived at Windemere Hut in plenty of time for a relaxed evening meal and wander around the area. There were 10 of us in the hut that night and I am sure everyone enjoyed the space and company.

We had decided to walk out to Cradle Mountain Lodge the following day and complete the hike with two nights at that great hotel.

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