South Coast Track - Tasmania - Deadmans Bay - New River Lagoon - 31st March

We had been woken during the night not only by rain but a by a creature trying to steal food. The quoll returned in the morning and attempted to steal a zip lock bag containing Frank’s phone and a number of batteries. The rain continued as we packed up. The track crossed button grass plains and sandy Turua Beach before traversing Menzies Bluff and continued through forest, with very deep mud. (see pic left)

This was the start of the serious mud. Up until now most of it had not been encompassed by trees and there were options to avoid some of the deeper sections. Here it was mud or nothing ---up to your bum on occasions.

There followed a steep descent from forest across a small creek around rocky outcrop across sand over rocks to Prion Beach. Prion Beach is probably the most spectacular beach on the south coast, a stretch a sand receding into the sea-haze with the distinct form of Precipitous Bluff rising from the dunes. The deep wide outlet of New River Lagoon must be crossed from Prion Beach and two dinghies are provided to allow this to happen. Frank did the honours. As the weather was atrocious hailing, raining and freezing and and there was a general feeling of unwellness it was decided to spend the night here.

We all took to our beds for the afternoon in an attempt to stay warm and dry. After an early dinner ,all us us hit our beds early as the second hail storm hit. We discovered on our return to civilisation that that night ,Tasmania had been covered with snow down to 900m.

The picture on the left is New River lagoon. The row boat is situated where the red spot is. If you are tired and the weather is poor you could potentially walk up the beach and then have to double back to find it as the lagoon is hard to see from the ocean side.

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