Day 5 - Joanna to Ryan’s Den - Great Ocean Walk

We were fairly slow off the mark each morning, and today was no different. Deb again headed off in the car to meet us at Ryan’s Den. The rest of us threw on our packs which were getting a bit lighter by now and took off with the aim of reaching Ryan’s Den with plenty of daylight left in the day.

Below is a picture of the very brave cattle that graze this area. They have big "ups" and "down's" to contend with in their lives.

We hit Milanesia Beach following (in my opinion) a fairly boring inland dirt road and 4WD track section. Below is our lunch spot...very nice.
At this spot there is a very pretty cottage tucked away in a small valley. We could not understand why it was able to be there as many houses had been demolished at Blanket Bay when the Otway National Park was declared. The hut was very well maintained, had gas bottles and a newish shed behind it. It was well furnished with 50’s furniture and had the grass mown around it. A GREAT position for a holiday shack, we decided as we explored around it and had lunch on the edge of the beach.

The beach walking here was pretty good as the sand was not too soft and the wind had dropped since yesterday. We headed off up hill at the first GOW track arrow and had to do a fairly steep hill climb and then another steep down. We discovered if we had continued up the beach there was another GOW arrow up a track that would have saved the previous up and down. We were then faced with a fairly large climb up both track and stairs to reach Ryan’s Den Camping area. This seemed a long, long way and finally, after a couple of false starts we reached the camp sites.
Deb, our camp host, had not long arrived and boy were we glad to see her ever cheery face. This was another spectacular position and at the very end of the sites was a great lookout where we were able to take many sunset photo’s and Helen and Deb got up early in the cold and took some of the sunrise.

That night, just on dusk, two other parties arrived (we remembered it was Friday) They were the first GOW walkers we had seen. Thankfully, even thought we had not camped in our allocated sites, these new people were happy to pick any site and camp the night. (Note to selves, we should have camped in the allocated sites)

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