The Overland Track

Planning to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania?

Want to trek one of the Best Hikes in the World?

Need some help to work out transport, food and gear?

Confused about how to organise flights, Overland Track bookings, bus transfers, the ferry on Lake St Clair and getting your clean clothes to the end of the track?

Not sure what food to take or how to plan your hiking menu?

Worried about what gear you really need to carry for five or six days?

Steve, one of "Our Hiking Blog" readers, was a winner (and a great volunteer editor) of our recent Overland Track e-Book competition. He received a free copy of the downloadable book and has kindly written a review to share with our readers.

I came across this great resource during one my regular online visits to the bushwalking forums , Bushwalk Tasmania and Frank and Sue's own blog “Our Hiking Blog”.

I am from Queensland Australia , and am planning a return trip to do the Overland Track and I have been trying to plan my trip from afar.

The logistics of planning my first solo OT trip is rather daunting.

I am a fairly experienced through walker, but am still anxious about organising the fine details of such a trip from a long way away.

Frank and Sue's e-Book has been a “godsend”.

The fine detail of “how,when, where and why” are comprehensively covered and the links within to other associated walking resources are invaluable – something no other hard cover book could even attempt to cover.

This one resource will open up an information gateway to a safe and less complicated trip into some of the most spectacular areas in Australia. From which bus to catch there, to what food and gear to take and where to get it in Tassie, is covered.

There are many Overland Track resources available (and this e-Book refers you to these ). What is not covered in these other resources are the specific logistics of organising such a trip.

Frank also offers his opinion and give his wise advice about a range of OT specific areas and it has assisted me greatly in my planning.

Thanks for putting together such a valuable resource.

Steve C. 29/12/08

Many thanks to Steve for taking the time to review the book and we really hope it helps him have a great trip in May 09, where he plans to walk the Overland Track solo.

You may be interested in other reviews of the Overland Track e-Book - you can read them on the review page or check out more detail on the book on this post.

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