The Overland Track e Book reviews

We recently sent copies of the Overland Track downloadable book to a couple of great bushwalking and hiking sites for them to check out and possibly review.

Well, we are humbled by their responses, which were well beyond our expectations.


Pelion Hut - Overland Track Tasmania

Rick McCharles from wrote a great review: eBook for the Overland Track

Some of the highlights from Rick's post are: (for us anyway!)

The best walk in Australia — our #10 best trek in the World — is Tasmania’s Overland Track.

John & Monica Chapman self-publish the best guidebook for the OT. (Chapman’s guidebooks are the best in the world, in fact.)

But personally I prefer the just released Overland Track eBook (PDF format) by Frank & Sue Wall.

Why is an eBook better than a hard copy guidebook?

  • easy for the authors to update
  • links to web pages and email addresses
  • downloads instantly
  • I can carry it on my iTouch
  • And DIRT CHEAP for 18,000+ words and heaps of photographs


    This is exactly the kind of information I need when planning a major hike. is a "must subscribe to" site that lists the best hikes in the world (as Rick notes, the Overland Track comes in at number 10) There are also lists and information on "best hikes" by continent. Good stuff for planning your next trip

    Nik, the site founder and administrator of Bushwalk Tasmania kindly wrote a

    review on the Overland Track book for the forum.

    Here is a snapshot of his post:

    frank_in_oz has just released his downloadable eBook, 'Hiking the Overland Track'. I've had a read through it and it is an excellent resource for people who are looking to walk the Overland Track, and I highly recommend it particularly for people who are not experienced bushwalkers, or who are not familiar with Tasmania.
    It includes a wide variety of topics to help people get organised for their Overland Track walk, not just track notes for the walk itself. Some of the topics covered include:

    • Flights, bus trips and accommodation, park fees, track booking and track fees
    • Gear, food, brief track notes, and references to other sources of information (including Bushwalk Tasmania, of course)
    • Dealing with animals from possums to snakes, minimal impact walking, maps, etc

    Bushwalk Tasmania forum is a fantastic spot to "hang out" and discuss all aspects of bushwalking in Tasmania. It is a really well moderated forum with many members who are willing to share their experience. As the site says: Information for bushwalkers from bushwalkers.

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    Nick said...

    Congrats for the great reviews!

    Frank and Sue said...

    Thanks Nick.
    I enjoyed your pictures on Bushwalk Tasmania.
    You should hook up with Son of Beach (Nik) in Launceston. He and Heidi (his wife) are really nice people. Will be joining them for a beer next time we are down that way.

    Nick said...

    yeah hopefully i can make it to the bushwalking tas meetup in march.