Snakes in Tasmania

Here at"Our Hiking Blog" (yes, I know it IS a silly name) we have offered to answer any questions our readers may have about hiking in Australia. The purpose of this is to try and create a resource where anyone who is thinking of heading "down under" to hike (or is new to this wonderful pastime and Australian based) can get independant, free advice and suggestions for planning their hike.

We then plan to post the questions and responses for others who are may have similar questions or concerns to access. Maple Kiwi was kind enough to get the ball rolling with a question about snakes in Tasmania. You can read her question and our response below.

Question: Maple Kiwi from Love in a Tent posted:

My partner and I are tackling the South Island of New Zealand over the coming summer, but once we get that out of our systems I think a trip to Oz is definitely on the books! Is there an off-season for those tiger snakes???.

If you are planning a visit to Tasmania and the Overland Track, in particular, I think "off season" is the best time.

There is a booking system for the Overland Track for each walking season (1 November to 30 April). During this period you must walk the track from North to South (Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair), and pay the $150 fee.(plus park entry of about $30 for a month)We usually try going either side of these dates as it is REALLY busy, like you may see 50 people in one day ...hardly wilderness :-((see the posts on our last trip in JULY (mid winter), we still shared the huts with up to 10 people)

As regards snakes... well summer is obviously their peak season and we have occasionally seen 2 or 3 in the one day. They are generally very docile and if you take a wide berth around them (Sue usually like 2 metres or so!!) you are fine. They tend to lie along the track in the sun so you soon become aware of what is a fallen branch and what is a snake!!

Below is a picture Colin took in February. This is probably the hottest month and hence, excellent snake spotting weather.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service have some excellent information here if you would like to read more about Tasmanian Tiger snakes (or just see some scary snake pictures)

On our July walk, around the Walls of Jerusulam and part of the Overland Track, we didn't see any ,but then again I reckon they hate the snow LOL.

Post again or send me an email if you would like any more how to avoid the fee (legally) and other naughty ideas.

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Philip Werner said...

I'm not that worried about snakes in general, but you really have some nasties down under. So many in fact, that hiking in winter and snow may be the ticket for me.