Joining the Greens - or putting our votes where our mouths are...

Well, big decisions have been made in the Hiking Blog tent over the last few weeks. We have been committed to the environment for many years, especially more so in recent years as we hike in some pristine areas and our children grow older and the possibility of grandchildren looms on the (HOPEFULLY) far horizon.

We had never taken the final step and joined a political party but the decision was made and we have joined the Australian Greens - we assume this makes us officially Greenies a tag we are very proud of , thank you.
Why you may ask?
....well many reasons , too numerous to bore you with here. In summary, w
e are sick of both main stream parties taking the moderate line and not making hard decisions regarding issues such as green house emissions, logging, alternate fuels, human rights and education. We don't like the way Mr Howard has run Australia. While we may be travelling well, as are many of our friends, there is still a lack of social justice and lack of improvement in conditions for the "bottom" 5% of the population. The loss of a wider "community" feel is palpable.
So there we go, official Greenies and proud of it. If you want any more information about the Australian Greens, here is the link to their website,


Anonymous said...

Good on ya! The Greens know what's right and what's not. No prodigal expenditure on roads, casinoes or Gunns' pulp mills under their incumbency!
Oh, and my blog (which is politically similar) is:

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Dad. Go the Greens.
As for grandchildren, well, I don't even know how to respond to that, except that yes, long way off.
And the blog is looking multo multo proffesional! Very nice.

wallzy58 said...

I always knew you had a bit of green tree hugger in you Frank. Fantastic, keep up the good work love the blog well done Frank and Sue, cheers from young David