GPS - Waypoints and Tracks - Tasmania Overland Track, South Coast Track , Great Ocean Walk, Thorsborne Trail

Searching for GPS track or route information about Tasmania and other areas in Australia including Hinchinbrook Island, (the Thorsborne Trail) and the Great Ocean Walk?
We often get searches on "Our Hiking Blog" regarding this information, but are rarely contacted, so we decided to post and declare our willingness to share this information with anyone who takes the time to email us.

Erik Charlton trying to get a satellite on his GPS at the North Pole

We have been using a Garmin eTrex Legend Cx GPS for the last few years and have all the track files and waypoints from each walk we have undertaken since that time. You will probably need Mapsource to read the files.

So, if you are planning a walk in any area covered in "Our Hiking Blog", send us an email or read our post Which GPS for Hiking?

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Steven Best said...


For some reason I couldn't email you via the email link.

I was wondering if you coupld please email me your Overland Track waypoints?

My email address is

Many thanks,