Blanket Bay follow up

While not purely hiking related, our annual summer holiday to Blanket Bay provides us with a great relaxing experience and the chance to be very comfortable for a week's base camping. We recently posted about base camping compared to hiking before the holiday.

Blanket Bay is the second camping area on the Great Ocean Walk, so we had the opportunity to meet several hikers, and enjoy their company. The number of walkers travelling through seemed quite small (maybe 2-5 per night) Several of them were on supported walks where they had their food and gear delivered to each campsite by Abby of GOR Shuttle. This meant they only had to walk each day with a day pack.

We know the walk is popular and booking is required, so maybe early January is a quiet time. So, for anyone attempting the Great Ocean Walk, check out the photo's to wet your appetite for your overnight stop at Blanket Bay. It is a great spot for a swim and relax on the beach.

Tom enjoying a swim

Our pallatial camping setup

We travel "light"!
Hannah takes the plunge


Samo said...

Oh, I envy you. We have winter here in Europe. Although it's not so cold as it should be at this time of the year, it is not possible to take a swim in the sea.

If you ever want to hike in Slovenia here's some useful information

Frank and Sue said...

Hi , cool hiking blog samo. Looks a great place to hike. Hannah, our daughter spent 5 days in Ljubljana in September. She LOVED it...most beautiful capital city in Europe she just said!! She stayed in the centre of the old town. She is planning on returning this European winter...
Thanks for the comment

Rick said...

Linked to this great post. Thanks.