More tarp setting up information and an audio blog about hiking

God I love the internet. It brings the world together into communities like never before. If you have a look around there are hundreds of Blogs about hiking and the outdoors. I suppose the impact of some of the experiences you can have out in the wilderness make you want to share them with others, maybe encourage them to have a go at it themselves.

For example, I got a comment on the last post from Steve Sergeant who is Producer and Host of a blog called
WildeBeat . Now this blog is different, it is an AUDIO blog, so any of you out there who love to listen should have a look and download some of Steve's information. Very clever and great stuff.

Now Steve put me on to a very interesting (and to be honest) quite wierd site if you aren't into turning tarps as tents. But, there is heaps of additional outdoor information here, and I reckon it is well worth a read if you have some spare time. Check out Tarp Shelters - An Introduction by David B. Macpherson . His information is a masterpiece of applying Geometry to tarps!!

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Weird Darren said...

You may find my posting on tarpp videos interesting then!C5C8BC3E6CC28C57!1303.entry
I have the one you linked to the other day there, a link to the page you just done, plus a few others that may be of interest.
Particularly you may like the sampler of the 50 minute tarp dvd sold by
Which is probably the most comprehensive tarp video on the market at the current time.

While I remember gave you a shout out in the weekly blog round up I write at
Oh and while you are at the outdoors station you may want to listen to some of the podcasts (there are few to choose from) The TGOC ones (old and new) are great.

And you may like to have a look at which is forum where outdoors bloggers can hang out. We have some international members (which we would like more of), but there a few UK outdoors bloggers on there at the moment.