Bothies - now what sort of name is that?

I have been chatting with some keen walkers in the UK about blogging and walking and such. Great fun to share knowledge and information with our UK cousins (although most seem fiercely Scottish and I am not sure of the political correctness of lumping Scotland into the UK)

Anyway, one wee laddy directed me to a site about Bothies and I sussed it out and have found it fascinating reading.

For those of you too lazy or time strapped, Bothies ,as lifted from their wonderfully informative web site, Mountain Bothies , are simple shelters in remote country for the use and benefit of all who love wild and lonely places.

There are many of these huts across Scotland that are maintained by this group. What a great service this provides to the walking community. We saw a similar hut on the Great Ocean Walk.... Maybe this is a Bothie

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AktoMan said...

Likewise, Frank, good to hear about the similarities and differences.

Bothy, from the Gaelic, bothan (hut). The Mountain Bothies Assoc does amazing work, and the few I've stayed in range from a stripped out barn to a 2-storey cottage.

There was talk on a forum about whether people preferred to cram in to a busy bothy or the privacy of their own tent instead. I noticed that you made a similar comment (IIRC, you mentioned bodily noise :)