Food, glorious (hiking) food!

Planning a hiking menu?

Need ideas for lightweight hiking food to take into the wilderness?

What are some great meals you can take hiking?

We have stumbled onto a couple of wonderful sites about food....not just any food, but most importantly hiking and lightweight food!!....Oh the joy and pleasure of finding such great resources on the Net.

Sarah and Kirk at Freezer Bag Cooking are just like us, a couple who like to get out into the "Wilderness" - read bush here if you are an Aussie, and eat great food. The blurb on their excellent website says it all:

Freezer Bag CookingTM changes the concepts of traditional outdoor food. It offers simplicity, convenience and variety, then whirls them together with the philosophies of lightweight outdoor adventuring. The cooking gear needed is minimal, lightweight and can be bought, found or even made. Meals are prepared at home and put into zip top freezer bags. When ready to eat, the meal is prepared in and eaten out of the freezer bag. Mealtime becomes fast, effortless and cleanup is as easy as licking your utensil and sealing the zip top bag. Also, with meals portioned into individual freezer bags, making meals for multi-day trips, families or a group is painless.

One Pan Wonders is another great spot to check out recipes and other great information about drying food. I really like the before and after pictures that can reassure you that the food is not ruined (just dried) !

We are always trying to think of more interesting and lightweight food to take on our extended hikes so these sites are rippers...have a read and bookmark them for next time you are planning your hiking food.

I also noticed that both of these ladies were involved with a group called Trail Divas . They have set up a hiking site for women. Now I have walked with a couple of Trail Divas in my time and I reckon they would love to have a skim around this site and share some of their experiences about hiking in Australia. Check it out, good fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Frank.
I'm not a trekker nor do I pretend to be but I do dehydrate food and am delighting in your blog. The links are amazing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank!

Thanks for visiting and mentioning my site. I hope you got a lot from it.

Happy hiking,