Sad news, body found on Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Local newspapers are reporting that a body has been found on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I have posted about missing hiker Kasper Sorensen before, so it looks like his family can have closure.....

The Hobart Mercury reports:

A BODY has been located close to the summit of Cradle Mountain but is yet to be recovered.
The body is believed to be Danish tourist Kasper Kataoka Sorensen.
Search commander Inspector Brian Edmonds said adverse weather had prevented police from confirming it was Mr Sorensen's body.
The 21-year-old has been missing for almost a month, since a birthday trip to the mountain.
"This area is inaccessible and is about 150 metres above the base of Cradle Mountain which is still covered by snow and ice," Insp Edmonds said.
The body is believed to be about 100 metres from the Cradle summit, where Mr Sorensen's backpack was located on July 15, but had sat for up to 10 days.
Police began a wide-scale search on July 16, but were hampered by heavy snow, rain and winds in the mountain area.
It is understood the body was first discovered in an aerial search on Wednesday.
But a recovery attempt was aborted because of conditions in the area.
Police are now working on another recovery plan, but are being hampered by the inaccessible nature of the terrain.
Insp Edmonds said an attempt to recover the body late yesterday was aborted due to low cloud and gusty winds, making helicopter operations dangerous.
Police and Parks and Wildlife will be coordinating a recovery effort today.
Mr Sorensen's family in Denmark have been notified through the Danish Consulate.
The Coroner has also been notified.
Vale Kasper

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