Tiger snake meets a frog - no conversation just a quick nibble!

Just back from a short trip into the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania and we thought this video was worth a post on it's own. We were lucky enough to camp next to Paul and Grant at Wild Dog Creek and they observed a quite large tiger snake having a quick snack. Click on "Continue Reading" to see Paul's video taken during a random rest break somewhere in the "Walls" area.
Paul and Grant told us they were just having a break and saw the tiger snake emerge from the water. Paul was able to grab his camera and catch the action as it consumed a frog. The frog is a little hard to see, but they assure us, it was a frog, as they were close enough to see all the action!

We will post more tales and pictures of our wonderful trip into the Walls of Jerusalem in the next few days.

We have an additional post with this same snake with the leg or part of the frog protruding from it's mouth , check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Geeezzzzz Thank Christ I wasn,t there. I would have run a marathon after seeing that black baby. cheers David from Camperdown