Walls of Jerusalem - A quick escape to Tasmania

We are just finishing packing for a quick trip to Tassie very early in the morning for a three nighter into the Walls of Jerusalem. There are six of us heading off for a pre-Christmas walk. The plan is to walk to the tent platforms on the edge of "The Walls" by late afternoon Thursday (tomorrow)
Friday we will head into Dixon Kingdom Hut and camp somewhere in the area for 2 nights. This will give us plenty of time to explore the area we enjoyed so much in July.
We are taking a couple of fishing rods and plan to try our luck in Lake Ball. It is only about 30 minutes walk from Dixon Kingdom and should provide an interesting distraction. We are also spoiling ourselves and taking some Long Flat wine. This wine is available in a B-Pak, which is like a tetra pack containing one litre of wine. We will report on it's success on our return!

Up at 0445 so these bloggers had better sign off and catch some sleep

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