Injinji socks and toe blisters - an independant review

Injinji tetrasoks. Are the claims that toe blisters and other foot problems can be reduced by wearing them accurate? We have sourced some independant information.

Yesterday we received our samples of Injinji Outdoor Series tetrasok's as part of a deal to advertise on Our Hiking Blog. In fact, if you order them via the advertisment on "Our Hiking Blog", you will receive a 10% discount!

It put our mind to the issue of recommending a product for reward, whether it be for freebies or money. We have posted in the past that Sue tried Injinji sock with success, and in that case, she bought the socks and was extremely happy with the result i.e. no blisters!

Blisters on foot after playing soccer on a beach in Nicaragua - photo by ratterrell

Today we came across a runners forum that has a whole section on Injinji socks . We feel this is a good independant resource for any hikers out there considering trying out this product. It is not all positive, but presents a fair and alternate view from people who have used them under extreme conditions.

There is also a review (on a slightly different) Injinji sock here at Wilderness Fly Fishers, that is worth a read. Have a look around the site while you are there, good reading about "Wild Flyfishing"

Don't forget, Paul from Injinji socks, is offering a 10% discount to "Our Hiking Blog" readers when purchasing by email, so check them out, and if you order any let him know you found about them here.

The promotion code to receive the 10% discount is: Franksblog
This is the link to the Injinji website .

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Wood Duck said...

G'Day Frank & Sue, as you know, both my wife Joanne and I have been using the Injinji Tetrasocks for well over a year or more with great success. In the past I have always had a problem with my left small toe rubbing which required padding and tape to alleviate blisters and soreness, but this has not been an issue since wearing the Tetrasocks. I do hate to burst your bubble though as we do have one complaint with regards to the socks developing holes in the material after only a short time. Joanne owns 2 pair and I three, and all have holes in the fabric. They aren't cheap socks by any means and I would expect them to last longer, and at least as long as other bushwalking socks we own. Would it be possible to get a contact number for Paul from Injinji socks, so I can discuss this problem with him, as he may not be aware of it and maybe able to offer some advice on how to solve this issue.

Cheers, Howard

Frank and Sue said...

Hi Howard, Thanks for the comment. I have emailed the contact details seperately.
Keep up the great commenting!

Laura in America said...

I bought a few pairs of Injinji socks three years ago and none of them show the slightest sign of even thinking about getting a hole. They are only getting less and less white as time goes on... I wear them to run (several times a week) and for hiking, under a pair of hiking socks. I love them.

Happyrock Hiker said...

Great to hear you have had no problems with your Injinji socks Laura, but just to put things into perspective re: holes forming in both our purchases, your socks I believe aren't the same material as the ones my wife and I wear. Ours are constructed of Merino Wool, Lycra and Spande-Flex. The running socks which I presume you own are made up of Coolmax (heavier material) and the other 2 materials. The outdoor socks are very lightweight and thin. I've spoken to Paul, our Australian contact for Injinji and he was very helpful and acknowledged our problem and is sending us a new pair of socks to trial, that are used by the armed forces. We have an upcoming 6 day hike on Hinchinbrook Island next month, so will put them to the test and post our results. We still love our Injinji's (holes and all) and they are great bed socks in cold weather or for wearing around camp under your thongs (Ozzie sandal things)to keep the biting insects at bay.

Cheers, Howard

anthony said...

These socks are awesome. I have a pair for around the house, and I have a pair when I go running every other day!