Ultralight D-Ring for your pack

Sometime the simplest ideas are the best and this idea is the ultimate in simplicity.

Discovered an excellent boutique blog, Gear Talk and web site Home made backpacking gear today. They have been created by Jason Klass, from Denver, Colorado and the focus is on homemade ultralightweight hiking gear. There are several excellent examples of innovative design that Jason has either created himself or sourced from other "mad" inventors.

The first one that appealed to us was the simplest design we have ever seen. That is for an ultra light D-Ring. Click on the link and check out this great idea for hanging gear off your pack, guiding an hydration hose or replacing existing D-Rings with a lighter version.

The D-Ring, fitted to a pack. Weight? almost zero.

Jason has also made a movie of how to create the D-Ring on YouTube. He has several other terrific instructional video's that are well worth a look.

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