Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair - Overland Track - eBook winners and our Scroggin

Congratulations to Crystal, Erica, Philip, Ken and Rob who were the first five readers to register for a free copy of our downloadable book on tackling the Overland Track. They were all subscribers to Our Hiking Blog and were rewarded because they were notified when we put up the post announcing the offer. Subscription is easy and a great option to be kept updated with the new information we post here.

We are busy preparing for our hike in the Walls of Jerusalem - Cradle Mountain area next week and decided to photograph our Scroggin mixture to share with our readers.

Scroggin, snacks and other food you may take hiking are explained in detail in


Our Hiking Blog Scroggin - ready to package

The book also contains advice that includes:

  • how to lighten you pack - what to throw out before you go!

  • why it MIGHT be better to travel to Cradle Mountain by private charter rather than public transport

  • a menu planner with food suggestions including how to dry meals

  • what do I do with my non hiking clothes, carry them all the way to Lake St Clair?

At fourteen chapters, over 15,000 words with several tables, graphics and other resources to help you plan your walk we are very confident we have produced a great resource It is in "pre production" phase, being edit and content checked, and will be available for download in mid December.

You can PRE REGISTER by sending us an email. We will then let you know when the Overland Track eBook is ready for sale.

The picture below shows the bowl of scroggin now in twenty one bags for Sue, Frank and Tom next week. We are walking from the Walls of Jerusalem, across the "Never Never" to the Overland Track and then north. This is a summer version of the same walk we did last year in winter - we certainly hope it will be warmer.

We will then have a night or two at Cradle Mountain Lodge to "recover".


Scroggin ready to go

The Overland Track eBook will sell on Our Hiking Blog for A$14.50. You are invited to send us an an email to register your interest .

We are offering a 100% money back guarantee on the Overland Track eBook. Yes, if you don't find your A$14.50 was well spent, you be refunded the whole amount. No hassles, just the cash back. We are that confident it will help your planning and enhance your trip heaps! If you buy the Overland Track eBook and you think it is a heap of rubbish, immediately send us a grumpy or nice email and we will transfer full amount into your bank account within 24 hours (unless we are away bushwalking, then we we do it on our return) Again, no hassles or question, just the cash back.

What is an eBook? Wikipedia have a definition of course: An e-book (for electronic book: also eBook) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. In the case of the Overland Track eBook - the file is an Adobe PDF document with the advantages of being able to read it on your computer or other electronic device or printing it out to read at your leisure.

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