Gas bottles or fuel for Tasmanian hikes? One option

Ok, picture the scenario. Sue needs gas bottles for her Overland Track hike. We know that fuel or gas cylinders cannot be taken into Tasmania by plane or on the Spirit of Tasmania. You must purchase your hiking fuel supplies in Tasmania.

Gas bottles (we use a Pocket Rocket) are usually available at the Visitor's Centre at Cradle Mountain. No stress, every time we have been there they have had boxes full BUT we decide to ring to confirm their availability (Check out the post - key to a good hiking trip is planning) -

"Nah, sorry we have run out, been on back order for a while" is the response.......

Mmm, our Hiking Blog goes into panic mode.

Gas Bottles by Orbital Joe

Sue flies into Launceston at 6:30 pm and heads off to Cradle Mountain at 7am the following day. All the outdoor stores will be closed. We are sure the Tassielink bus driver won't be keen to stop anywhere for a shopping trip.

Big problem, how to get the gas bottles she needs for her hike? Organising it from Geelong (another State away) may be a challenge.

There followed a quick phone call to Mountain Designs in Launceston with the sorry tale. Spoke to Ian, the franchisee, and requested that we pay for the cylinders by credit card over the phone and that ......would it be possible ........ to drop them off ........ where Sue would be staying? (We are talking about a $19.00 sale here, not a new tent or sleeping bag!)

No problems, says Ian, it's on my way home, happy to do it! Joy and happiness in Our Hiking Blog household. Problem solved (and gas bottle delivered as promised - Sue has them)

Now one good turn deserves another, and I asked Ian if this was part of his normal service and could put it on the Blog for others to read about and potentially contact him for help.

Ian IS HAPPY to help if people are stuck like Sue.

He can be contacted at Launceston Mountain Designs on:

Ph: 03 63340988
Fax: 03 63340977

Just give him a bit of notice so he can arrange the delivery without the pressure we put on him......


Ken said...

Tassielink will arrange fuel but require notice

Frank and Sue said...

Thanks Ken,
I did not realise that. Pretty handy for them to provide that service.
Suppose I particularly posted about Ian because he "went the extra yard"