Outdoor Station Podcasts - Great listening

Frank does a lot of commuting by train and car each week. The ONLY advantage of this is the time it allows to listen to some great podcasts on a huge range of interesting topics.

One of his favourites is The Outdoor Station from the UK. They have some great topics related to the "Outdoors" - duh! hence the name....

Topics covered range from gear reviews, trip reports, interviews and as they say, much much more!

We highly recommend you drop by and subscribe to the audio and video podcasts, Professionally produced, they are very relaxed, informative and present some great information.

Click on the sample below, "Get out there" to down load or you can listen directly from here. This podcast, as described by Outdoor Station is:

A rich and varied podcast for you this time, as I catch up with the Ramblers Association to hear how there’s a new influx of members in these credit crunched times, Andy continues his love affair with everything French by finding out how inexpensive it is to travel on the canals of mainland Europe, plus I discover how, if you can’t get to the Desert, you can bring the Desert home to you with Harem Nights! Recorded at the NEC early 2009

Get Out There!

MP3 File

Do you have any favourite outdoor podcasts you can recommend? We would love to hear your suggestions and fill the iPod with some great stories about the outdoors.


nicola patron said...

Paddy Palin has a great series at http://www.paddypallinpodcasts.com.au/

Big Red Adventures said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll definately stop by and check it out a bit later. I occasionally catch up with the aussie Geocaching Podcast, I'll have to look up the address for that one, but it's another chilled out, easygoing kind of podcast. While the emphasis might be on geocaching, they of course delve in to topics relating to hiking, and general outdoor adventuring.

I'll have to check the Paddy Pallin one too, thanks for that!

Andrew said...

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