Cradle Mountain adventure - a short story

Adventure around Cradle Mountain?
Fact or fiction?
A day hike around Cradle Mountain with a twist (or two)?

Then this story is for you!

Frank stumbled across a very enjoyable blog today titled American in Oz. He reads a lot of blog posts about Tasmania and especially the Cradle Mountain area in Australia's most southern state, Tasmania. These post are a great source of inspiration and fun when he is stuck in his "real life".

This post , Tracks Less Travelled, a Tasmanian short story , really got his attention and the beautiful word craft and surprises in the story had him captivated.

Another fantastic image by Tasadam, Definitive Cradle Mountain - This picture is from a set titled The Overland Track - Tasmania - well worth a look at all his great photographs.

The following are some exerts from the story by annielaural:

" At the same time that she was fearful of stepping off the planked trail, she wished she had the courage to head off cross-country, to snake up the face of Marian’s Lookout, to beat Chris to the top. The competition between them never failed to engage her "

" Nueva’s was far more moderate in grade, longer with twelve hundred year old King Billy and Pencil Pines growing close to the water. Pandani towered over her head in the protection of the Ballroom Forest and Cutting Grass and Sassafras, growing far too close to the track, waited to wound. Daydreaming here was out of the question."

" It was still early afternoon. She had three more hours of daylight. A night in the dark on the trail was not appealing. She had plenty of clothes if she kept moving, but she didn’t have enough cold weather gear to spend the night out here, especially if it rained, and it was bound to rain as the temperatures cooled down "

To read the whole story (and it is a lot different to what you would normally read here), go to the full post on "American in Oz" , Tracks Less Travelled - a Tasmanian short story

We hope you enjoy it.

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tasadam said...

I'm glad it's fiction. So often stories like this are real.
Wear your boots, and stay together!

Ghislaine said...

Great site!!! I really need to do more outdoor stuff. I actually went hiking in the south of France near Biarritz, and when I was driving my tire went flat and I had no idea how to change it. A helpful stranger gave me a hand but I think everyone should know how to change a tire especially if you are going on a long trip somewhere. I found this video later on that explains how to change a tire but I wish I had had watched before

annielaural said...

thanks for the advert! I love your blog - look forward to hours of reading in the archives.

Andrew said...

Amazing photo...Keep going...

Thanks for sharing...

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