A note to save $$$

Not sure how many of you that read this blog are in the market for excellent hiking and outdoors gear. As much as we like to support local retailers , such as Mountain Designs, sometimes the temptation to save a bundle of cash is too strong to resist, and that is where Mickie's Place in the State's is great.

We have been buying high end gear from Mickies for the last three years and have always found the service, quality and delivery time excellent. They supply MSR and Thermarest, for example, and for orders over a certain amount there is NO POSTAGE. The way the Aussie dollar is so strong now, stuff is often 30-50% cheaper than buying it here in Oz.
They also sell a lot through eBay and I am not sure whether the prices are better on their online store or via eBay. Only you can tell with a bit of investigation.

For those of you into hunting, shooting and archery this is also the place to go!!! Mmm, maybe not, although the "Doggles Originalz" sunglasses are pretty cool (if you are a dog!)

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