Family backpacking or bushwalking - planning your trip

Planning on a hiking trip with your children?
Looking for information on how to bushwalk or backpack with your family?
What is the best way to go multiday hiking with your kids?

Damian and Renee have a fantastic blog called Adventure in progress which focuses on "Encouraging families to get outdoors and experience adventure".

Frank got lost in reading some of the terrific posts and enjoying Renee's wonderful photography.

This family , with three young children, just completed their first family backpacking (we call it bushwalking in Australia) trip to Gentian Pond on the Appalachian Trail. Damian just posted a great yarn titled: Gentian Pond Backpacking - Successes and Failures

It is highly recommended reading as Damian has analysed the different gear that worked (was a Success) and did not work (Failed) when hiking with children. Great reading and very informative.

(btw -Gentian Pond Campsite is on the Mahoosuc Trail section of the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire, located 5 miles or so from the Maine border)

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renee @ FIMBY said...

Hey! Thanks for the nice links to our blog and nice comments about my photography!

Frank and Sue said...

A great pleasure Renee.

It is really nice to come across a terrific resource that has some great information and wonderful images.

It is sometimes a bit of a thankless task blogging away and comments on our blog really make my day, SO, hope I made yours!


Hey Frank, this is a nice blog you have here! Thanks for the links and kind words! I have added your blog to my feed reader and look forward to sifting through your posts over the next few days.